$.0069/min (6/6) VOIP Termination
Elastic SIP Trunks
Built-in Load Balancing
99.95% Up-time
Modern Dashboard

Why Choose Us

Premium Routes

Our network is comprised of Tier 1 providers and premium routes to support high-capacity VoIP traffic.

US-48 Termination at $0.0069/min

If you dial more than 5,000 minutes per day, we're happy to accommodate you at $0.0069 per minute billed in 6-second increments. Yes, really.

Unlimited and Instant Ports

Whether you need to make 10 calls at a time or 1,000 — our elastic SIP trunks have got you covered. Dial as your business demands it.

Free Setup, Zero Contracts and Caps

We're confident you'll love our service, so we don't need to tie you down with paperwork. & We don't believe in limits, so you're free to dial more.

Clean and Comprehensive Reporting

We love being fully transparent, and one way we accomplish this is with an easy to read and near real-time dashboard.

Carrier-grade Infastructure

Our world-class team has created industry-leading diagnostic and automation processes on top of our fully-redundant architecture.

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The Experts Agree: You'll Love Voyyp

Travis D.

Nationwide Telecom Campaign Manager

Our campaign has a low conversion rate (i.e. we have to make a lot of calls).
Without these low dialing costs, we would not be in business.

Tarmo J.


Since we started using Voyyp, we know that whenever something isn't working that it's on our end. Seriously, they're awesome.

Phillip B.

Call Center Operations Officer

The customer support at Voyyp is so patient. They've gone above and beyond to make sure we're performing at our best.